Your trusted partners to develop in-depth customer experience analysis, for meaningful market insights and impactful customer relationship management

The concertare CX Global Experts network is one of the world’s greatest collection of experts in customer experience testing, quantitative/qualitative research, data analysis, audit services and employee training, all working together to deliver reliable, actionable information to drive greater customer satisfaction and maximum sales to enable you to achieve your marketing and overall business objectives.

We support companies in winning and retaining customers and establishing long-term and profitable customer relationships

Our prestigious network of worldwide CX leaders each apply their extensive proven approach to delivering insightful data by:

Using the latest market research methods to measure customer experience and customer satisfaction at all contact points of the customer journey. In the area of audit services we check and review compliance to the agreed standards.
Analyzing the measured data to derive specific practical recommendations for action that can be directly implemented to optimize operational procedures, leading to improved customer environment and great revenue potential.
Driving the research process with experienced market research professionals and innovative technologies and software tools.

We think globally and act locally in over 100 countries worldwide.

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Our services

Our services enable you to understand what your customers expect, how they experience your business and what newly-discovered opportunities exist to improve customer experience, satisfaction and CSR, which leads to greater income and profitability.

Consulting & Conception

Sound advice from experienced industry experts on all topics in customer experience and customer relationship management and CSR

Consulting – Conception – Planning

Market Research & Analysis

Quantitative and qualitative market research on any of your business needs as customer expectations, satisfaction and experiences, brand reputation, market potential, product and services development, advertising analysis, pricing…

Analysis – Audits – Audit Services – Surveys – BI – Focus groups – Mystery shopping – Process analysis – Sustainability

Implementation & Optimization

Operational support in the implementation of processes and measures for better customer relations

Software – Employee development


Our extensive portfolio of satisfied clients represents virtually all industries. In the service, trade and industry sectors, we have accumulated extensive expertise from thousands of projects as consumer trends and habits evolve. Additionally, in many industries our network of elite research companies can provide baseline benchmarking data on relevant market competitors to give even greater context to the results of a dedicated research program.


Whatever your objectives:

We partner with you to develop your company-specific solutions supporting your goals.